Wow – redemption from early November…

If you were at the Habs game in the beginning of the season when the Isles fans were nearly overtaken by the Quebec Fan Revolt, and the team had a 3 goal lead and lost it…. You remember how we felt after that game….

Redemption is nice, isn’t it?

In a game that Montreal absolutely needed, the Isles not only withstood the initial onslaught, but took matters in their own hands, and the streak of one KO, gave the visitors the two points on this night, and got 4 out of 4 at Le Centre Bell this season.

And you know what gives me the red ass (as James Garner said in the movie – the American Presidents)?

People that are getting peeved because the Isles are winning and their chances of securing the first pick are not as strong as they once were. You mean to tell me that you want your players that are gaining confidence by the day, to shut down and “TANK”?

Give a rest folks. Go back to the Tiddly Wink Circuit.

If this team wins 10 in a row or something like that… I would be absolutely thrilled. If we still get Tavares or Hedman – great. We can still get a great guy that may help this team years down the road.

Let’s just see what the cards play for us. But if you want the players to just lose, to secure just a 48% chance to get the #1 pick, then Tiddly Winks is your game. Don’t even talk to me.


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  1. John March 14, 2009 11:47 am

    I’ve said it before a few times, but I care less about what draft pick we get in the overall picture. I’d rather this team gain respectability and confidence by winning as many games that remain this season. Spoil a few chances for other teams and simply get Better. If you are sitting there angry because the team is winning, I’d ask myself what kind of Islander fan you are and, more importantly, what kind of a fan of the Islander players you are. If they are not winning, this lot gripes and complains. If they are winning, they gripe and complain. Give me a break …

    I’m glad we took both games in Montreal, and Okposo continues to become a real force for the team. There is another positive, folks. Look at the way some of these guys are developing right before our proverbial eyes.

  2. Lorne Myers March 14, 2009 5:44 pm

    While I am happy with the team and the confidence lately, we really need a player like Tavares to put this team on the map and sell tickets. Hopefully, we still end up with him.

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