If we can only put parts of games together…

We would be better off….

The Isles came out gangbusting… Too bad it was two minutes to go at the game…

Another difficult game – but this time – it was a regulation game that the Islanders lost. Only two teams have not lost the game in regulation (Dallas and Buffalo).

The Islanders looked at time – sluggish and saw a strong and rejuvanted Kings defense manhandle the team – even though the Isles severly outhit the Kings.

Matt Moulson got the Isles on the board late – with a little help from Kyle Okposo and Mart Streit. Other than that – I did not see a lot out of any of the other lines. Bailey looks a little lost… Park is a bit of a spark plug – but is not getting help from the line mates. I am giving Weight a pass – due to his in and out injuries. When he is 100+%, I think he will be a help. Losing Hunter is big. I really sw a different Trent – and I was expecting great things from him.

The D needs to get rid of the garbage...

The D needs to get rid of the garbage...

Biron had its moments – but the two goals that were scored on him – to me – were a little bit of defensive miscues.

I am fully confident in the team moving to that next level. The next three days of practice, and work on their systems, should help, as the SHUFFLE off to Buffalo for the next game on Friday night.


Goaltending – B – Biron was fine, but a little more help from the D, would have made him better

Defense – C – not getting the garbage out of the slot – to me – cost the team the game.

Forwards – C – Other than the top line – the guys up front were just not getting it done – the 2nd and third line needs to shine. An honorable mention to Rob Schremp. I think he had a much better game – and I can see him getting better by the day.

Coaching – Inc. I am just not sure about some of the line changes – and I think they need to work harder to get the team more consistency.

The mascots were fun – I really like the Thrashers Mascot Thrash. Having the beak move up and down like he is talking – that was cool.

I hopefully will blog from the game on Saturday. Have a good week – and I may have some news on a possible new venture for me. Stay tuned…

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  1. John Panarese October 14, 2009 1:46 pm

    I don’t know why, but Monday’s game left a very bad taste in my mouth. I really expected a lot more consistency. They way the Isles came out gave me a lot of hope, but they seemed to leave that fire in the locker room for the second and third periods.

    Yes, the top line is really the only strength I have seen. It does not seem as if the other lines are showing chemistry, and I want to see Bailey continue on as he finished last season. We need a second and third line to contribute as regularly as the first line. Also, this team HAS to play a 60 minute game to be successful. They are not good enough yet to lapse so many times and still be capable of winning. Maybe, a few years down the road with development, they can be as resilient as the Black Hawks, but we, at this point, can’t afford to play at half speed throughout one or two periods and still be able to get by.
    Nevertheless, down 2 goals, we had the firepower and ability to comeback, and it’s a shame they could not bury the equalizer.

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