Wow – Detroit Game and Garth Comments

It figures that the one game I miss – I do not get to see the best game that they have played in years and years and years.

Just my luck.

There was just about NO issues with any aspect of the team….

There has been a lot of coverage on it – I will let that speak for itself – I have nothing to add.

Last night – Garth Snow was at the Booster Club meeting.  He is one funny dude!

Some thoughts on his comments:

Kovalchuk – a non-issue.  He is quite happy with the complexion of this team, and I do not feel that he will allow anyone to be moved.

That is – except Marty Biron.

Garth said that he is one total class individual – and has been nothing but professional throughout this process.  Marty knew this could happen from the start, and just wants a shot.  But he will do whatever is asked and expected, until the time comes that he is not here anymore.  That is just what is expected from a ‘gentleman’ like Marty.  You just have to root for this guy, wherever he goes.

He is quite happy with the maturation process of some of the Bridgeport folks, especially Mark Katic (an AHL all-star) and Mark Martin (the next “POWER” forward for this team).  Also – Justin Debenetto has opened some eyes too.

Very impressed with Andrew MacDonald, and how he has stepped up.

Thought Kyle should have been on the Olympic Team (however, he is opposed to the Olympics for the NHL players… why should there be 20 days off in February – and the schedule be so condensed).

Quite pleased with the progress of Josh Bailey, and the surprise of Matt Moulson.  He (Garth) said he likes to keep a roster spot open for someone that makes a splash in camp, and Matt was just that.

One thing about Garth – is that he is not a stuffed suit.  He is quite casual, quite funny, and talks about his team from the heart.  With the ‘serious’ nature of certain NHL folk, he is a breath of fresh air.  I am so happy that he is slowly starting to prove the pundits that thought he would be a washout, as wrong as can be.

Keep it up, sir!

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  1. John Panarese January 15, 2010 3:46 pm

    I was at my brother’s, so had to rely on updates via my iPhone and Fox Sports. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and kicked myself plenty of times for not being near a radio or television. What a game I missed, for the most part.

    Personally, I have not given much substance to the Kovalchuk rumors nor do I think such a drastic move would help this team. What we’d have to give up to get him is surely an issue and not something, at this stage, I’d like to be debating or considering. In my very humble opinion, I feel we should stay the course with what we have and let the possibilities of enhancing the roster take place over the summer. With that said, though, the development of the talent we have and the drafting of additional talent should, foremost, be the “plan” for the future of the New York Islanders.

    Lastly, I agree with Garth. The Olympics should go back to what they once were. I know many folks get excited and interested in seeing the NHL caliber players compete, as do I, but it has taken so much from what the 1980 success meant and the young “heroes” that could write their own stories for their country. I hate this compressed schedule, as I think it contributes to injuries in a game that is already physical and grueling.

  2. 7th woman January 15, 2010 3:55 pm

    You guys did a great job last night Gary. Kudos to Claire and Rose and everyone else that works so hard to make these meetings possible. Yep, he left every attendee with their own personal memory of the night. Heartfelt and honest. Patient and kind. And yeah, pretty funny too.

    Looking forward to who you will land for next month!

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